One of the most confusing issues about sinus problems has to do with drainage. Perhaps you’re wondering what causes sinus drainage and perhaps you have a lot of drainage right now.

Next, you may try standing up in a hot shower and inhale the steam. Try to blow one nostril at a time to prevent mucus buildup in the sinuses. You may also use a room humidifier to humidify your room.

The mucus from the infected sinuses looks very different. It is thicker and usually a green or yellow color as opposed to a thin almost clear substance when you are healthy.

The main difference is how the water enters the air and at what temperature. It is recommended you choose a cool mist room humidifier if you are putting it in a room with a child. The heated steam of a warm mist humidifier may burn a child.

A causes of sinus infection ( This can easily go undiagnosed. A chronic low grade infection can tick along causing pain and general feeling of lethargy. This needs to be properly diagnosed but is worth checking just in case. It can also present as tooth ache.

Try sinus irrigation. This is done using nasal irrigator that puts warm water into the sinuses. It can be found at most health food stores. Follow the directions on the box.

These are some of the home remedies which people can try to cure sinus infection and one does not need to visit the doctor and it further helps the people to save money.